Sale Conditions, Returns & Refunds

We are dedicated to providing the best customer satisfaction possible. We will happily refund or replace any  new but defective item .

All Air Cooled Technology / Wescom replacement parts are not intended to be sold as OEM parts. OEM part numbers are provided for reference purposes only. All prices are €, excl. VAT. Errors reserved. Delivery is subject to availability.

Web Orders – Claims for shortages, defective or wrong parts received must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods. However, if a return is accepted after 3 days we will make a restocking fee of 20% of the order. The reason is that in this 3-day period, we will have re-ordered the sold item thus, a return.  causes an overstock situation.
Verbal Orders never  accepted –

Where we have supplied parts correctly according to the part number, then any request for a return or a refund will be handled entirely at our discretion and will depend upon our stock levels.

Parts ordered specially for a customer are not returnable unless faulty on delivery, when we will do our utmost to replace the faulty part in the shortest possible time. This depends too on the co-operation of our customers. Should a special order be delivered where our supplier has made a mistake or mislabeled the part –we reserve the right to resolve the problem by supplying the correct part if it is available or making a refund less our costs involved in such a situation.

All pictures and images on our website are representative only. Please enquire for more information.

We do not pay the costs for shipping returns back to our location. Within 20 days of receipt of your order, you may return products that:

  • Are in their original packaging
  • Have original manufacture information
  • Are not used, installed, or disassembled
  • Are not damaged due to incorrect installation
  • Do not have missing parts, hardware, or instructions
  • Are not soiled in any way, product or packaging

The following are not returnable, except for warranty repair or replacement:

  • Special Order Items
  • Second-hand parts
  • Tools
  • Books, Posters, or Automotive repair manuals
  • Electrical Parts and Components (Such as ECU’s, relays, air mass meters, ignition coils, electronic units etc.)
  • Parts purchased on stock clearance deals are never returnable.

Once we have received your return, conducted an inspection of the return, and confirmed that your return meets the above criteria, a refund for the parts sales amount will be issued in accordance with the above terms. All applicable sales taxes will also be refunded. Shipping charges cannot be refunded.

No Exchanges or refunds will be made after 30 days of purchase. No Returns are allowed unless authorized with a Return Authorization Number.  RAN
*ALL RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBERS ARE VALID FOR 7 DAYS FROM THE DATE AUTHORIZED* Authorized returns must be prepaid. COD shipments will not be accepted. ALL Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Claims for shortages must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods.

Responsibility in choosing parts for your vehicle

Because many changes may have taken place since these older vehicles were manufactured, we cannot choose parts for our customer’s vehicles. We simply provide the fullest information on all our products as supplied to us by our supplier on our website. Without accepting any liability we will always try to help and point our customers in the right direction. It is the owner’s responsibility to order the correct part by part number for his vehicle; he/she has the vehicle and data to hand.

Should any part be supplied incorrectly for any reason whatsoever, we will always do our utmost to resolve any issues arising without accepting any liability for any consequences.

Based on the above it should be understood that we cannot and will not, in general, choose parts for our customers. Accepting this is the case and if requested by our customer to choose or assist in choosing parts regardless, we will do our best without accepting any liability legal or otherwise in the matter.

Claims of alleged faulty parts

Claims on alleged faulty parts ( which have been installed ) are strictly limited to that part supplied by us and proven to be faulty. No claim for alleged subsequent damage will be entertained. Only professionally installed components will be considered for a claim. The claim if agreed is strictly limited to the replacement of the faulty item. Shipping and other costs cannot be entertained.
We will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage including direct or indirect labor, towing, lodging, garage, repair, medical or legal expense in any way attributable to the use of any item in this catalog or to the delay or inconvenience caused by the necessity of replacing or repairing any such item.

Small-order surcharge

Air Cooled Technology/Wescom reserves the right to add a small-order surcharge.

FREIGHT CLAIMS: ALL goods shall be considered to be delivered to the purchaser when they are placed in the hands of the carrier and consigned to the purchaser. All claims of loss, damage, or destruction must be made by the purchaser to the carrier.

We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of up to 25% of the order for orders that meet the return criteria and are accepted for return after 30 days but not to exceed 45 days. Returns that fall outside of the above-listed criteria will be decided by us on a case-by-case basis. Soiled goods not fit for resale cannot be accepted.

The reason we make a charge for re-stocking any part returned is again we must examine the part, check if it is suitable for reselling, perhaps at a discounted price, look up the invoice, look up the location & replace the part correctly again all time consuming thus bears a cost.

You must notify us prior to returning any items – all unauthorized or un-notified returns will be refused and sent back to you. Items incorrectly shipped to Air-Cooled Parts will be refused and returned. Items not purchased from Air Cooled Parts will not be accepted.

These are automobile parts designed for specific uses in automobiles only.
The parts may be dangerous and may cause injury if used for any other purpose, or otherwise misused.
They may also be dangerous and may cause injury if modified, redesigned, or altered before use.
Air Cooled Technology will not assume any liability and will not pay you for any injuries caused to you or others by any misuse, modification, redesign, or alteration of our products.

The following applies to SPEED SHOP & COMPETITION PARTS parts:
SPEED SHOP parts are sold on an “AS-IS” basis. NO WARRANTY, NO REFUND.
We value you as a customer and will make every effort to keep you happy.
However, because we sell highly specialized racing parts in the Speed Shop, which are often used for testing, experiment, and trial, we can make NO WARRANTY whatsoever.

We are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.
Looking after the personal information you share with us is very important, and we want you to be confident that your personal data is kept safely and securely and to understand how we use it to offer you a better and more personalized shopping experience.
We have published this notice to help you understand how and why we collect information from you, who we share your information with, why and on what basis, and what your rights are.
If you would like to understand our privacy policy relating to its handling of your personal data, please visit: Privacy Policy

The Air Cooled Technology Team