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Beetle Oil Change Guide

Beetle oil change guide for standard 1.2, 1.3 and 1.6 VW Engines

In this helpful Beetle oil change guide, we detail how to best take care of your engine. Your Beetle engine needs the best lubrication that can be had and because it has no oil filter as such when it leaves the factory ( except the later Mexico Beetles) the oil should be changed frequently at 5000 Kilometer intervals or at minimum once a year, to ensure the longevity of your engine.

Tools Required:

10 mm ring spanner or a 10 mm socket.

Rubber gloves.

Oil Basin

Solvent based cleaning agent.

Technical Procedure:

To do this right, first make sure the engine is at normal running temperature. Then place vehicle in a level position such that you can easily & safely remove the sump plate, not just the sump nut if fitted. The gasket above the plate will need be replaced. Then remove the oil strainer gauze, replace this if the gauze is damaged, the gasket above the strainer gauze also needs to be replaced. 

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Clean the gauze by washing in a solvent & blow dry using compressed air. Re-install everything in the reverse order, use oil liberally on the new gaskets. Tighten the sump nuts evenly and do not over tighten.

Fill with 2.5 Liters approx. good quality 20 W 50 Mineral oil (never use synthetic oil in a standard engine).  You should also add Cam Shield for extra bearing and cylinder protection.

Start the vehicle and ensure oil pressure light goes out right away, then proceed to check for oil leaks.

You are now ready for the road test. After a short spin, it is advisable to reinspect for oil leaks.

We hope you found our Beetle oil change guide insight full and helpful.

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