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About Air Cooled Technology

Based in the West of Ireland, Air Cooled Technology & Wescom Ireland specialises in supplying a broad range of quality spare parts for classic Volkswagen, Porsche and Mercedes Vehicles.
We also have always a broad selection of excellent classic and vintage vehicles for sale, and we offer specialized workshop services.

The VW Beetle is known under many names in many countries, usually local translations of the word “Beetle”. Thus:-

  1. Käfer (Kaefer) in Germany.
  2. Coccinelle in France.
  3. Seda’ or Fusc’ in Brazil.
  4. Σκαθ?ρ’ or Scathari meaning Beetle or Σκαραβα?ο’ or Scaraveos meaning Scarab in Greece.
  5. Maggiolin’ in Italy.
  6. Sedá’ or Voch’ in Mexico.
  7. Kever in the Netherlands.
  8. Kuplavolkkar or kupla (meaning bubble) in Finland.
  9. Kotseng kub – hunchback car, or Pagong (turtle) in the Philippines.
  10. Kodo in Indonesia.
  11. Garbu’ (Hunchback) in Poland.
  12. Brou’ in Czech Republic .
  13. Caroche in Portugal.
  14. Bub in Serbia.
  15. Escarabajo in Spain and Latin America.
  16. Pet in Bolivia.
  17. Volk in Puerto Rico.
  18. Hro in Slovenia.
  19. Hipushit in Israel .
  20. Косτенурк’ (Kostenurka) in Bulgaria.
  21. (Ag-ru-ga) in Iraq.
  22. Bagg  skalbagg’, (beetle) or bubbl’ (bubble) in Sweden.
  23. Bobl’ (bubble) in Norway.
  24. Bub’ in Croatia.
  25. Põrnika’ in Estonia.
  26. Kaplumbağa’ or tosbağa’ (meaning turtle) in Turkey.

All meaning either Beetle or Turtle.